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SM Polymer PE Rolls
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Polyethylene is the most widely used commodity resin in the world. From bags to bottles and pails to shovels, it is a versatile resin we use everyday. We readily stock the most popular grades in LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE, for film extrusion, injection molding, pipe extrusion, rotational molding, compounding, blow molding and profile extrusion. These resins are available in prime , off grade and recycled grades.

SM Polymers


Polypropylene is the other versatile commodity resin we stock across North America. Used in everything from housewares to take out containers. We supply our customers prime and off grade resins including Homopolymer, Co Polymer, Random non clarified and clarified co-polymer. The markets we serve for these polymers are injection molding, Biaxially oriented film, thermoforming, LWC, general extrusion and impact modifier needs.
SM Polymer Polypropylene
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SM Polymers


SM Polymers is excited to bring to market HYBRILENE ™

Hybrilene is our proprietary recycled content resin. The same properties you have come to expect with quality virgin resin, but with certified recycled content, and available in a natural colour.

This innovative new resin can add value to your product, with the added comfort and knowledge that you are helping SM Polymers divert thousands of tonnes per year from landfills.

HYBRILENE ™ is currently available in several HDPE and MDPE grades, but we are expanding the product line up and our capacity everyday. Check back for future updates or better yet, contact us to see what we can do to help you today.

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